ESP32 VoIP/RTP pager and Scream receiver. Very simple RTP pager (audio receiver) based on ESP32 SoC. See also ESP8266 rtp pager for general description. Application is using settings stored as JSON file in SPIFFS filesystem. This might be overkill as only WiFi network SSID and password are stored at the moment, but it is easy to extend and both. "/>
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Esp32 wifi audio receiver

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1. Build the circuit Connect the Amplifier like shown in the picture below. Now you just have to connect the red wire to 5V, black to GND and the yellow to the DAC_1 (GPIO25) of your ESP32 developer board. With the potentiometer, you can control the volume of the sound. You don't need it but it's very practical because otherwise it' very loud. 2.

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ELEGIANT bluetooth 5.0 Mini Wireless Audio Receiver Adapter Hands-free Calling 3.5mm AUX Stereo Car Kit for Speaker Headphone 25 reviews COD ESP32 ESP-WROOM-32 ESP-32 Rev1 WIFI Bluetooth Breadboard Kit 5 reviews COD Upgrade deals.

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Ai-Thinker ESP32-A1S WiFi+BT Audio Development Boards internal circuit is highly integrated, supports a variety of peripherals, can support secondary development, and quickly realize product differentiation. ESP32-A1S adopts an SMD package to realize the rapid production of products and provide customers with high-reliability connection mode..

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